HIFK Gymnastics in English

Artistic Gymnastics in Helsinki

HIFK Gymnastics is a Helsinki-based sports club that specializes in artistic gymnastics and TeamGym. HIFK Gymnastics was founded in 2021 when three traditional and successful clubs joined forces.

We have 2000 members, most of whom participate in recreational gymnastics for various age groups and skill levels. Our current squad members compete in all the levels of women’s and men’s artistic gymnastics from regional kids’ meets to the World Championships.

Our groups include:
•    Kids’ club, ages 1,5–3 (in the company of an adult)
•    Preschoolers’ gymnastics, ages 4-6
•    Several different recreational groups, ages 7-16
•    Adults’ recreational artistic gymnastics
•    Semi-competitive artistic gymnastics for boys and girls
•    Competitive women’s and men’s artistic gymnastics for all skill levels.

Our gyms are Töölön Kisahalli, Urhea-halli and Liikuntamylly. We practice in many schools around Helsinki as well.

Why gymnastics?

Artistic gymnastics is a traditional Olympic sport and a great foundation for any type of sport or exercise. Requiring balance, coordination, flexibility, speed, strength, endurance, courage and determination, gymnastics will help you succeed throughout life.

You can read more about our training groups, timetables and fees on these web pages (only in Finnish, sorry) or e-mail your questions to

Most of our coaches and instructors are fluent in English. Many professional coaches speak Russian and other languages too.